I know how this one goes... https://t.co/KAEQcUWUmd

— Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) July 11, 2018

As numerous people have already tweeted to me:
1. Don't open it
2. If you must, have Sabriel or Lirael (or both) do it . . . https://t.co/3kngfFtjOi

— Garth Nix (@garthnix) July 11, 2018

They found this black granite sarcophagus in Alexandria and that’s really cool and all but if the movies have taught me anything…guys…don’t open that. Just don’t. Leave it alone. pic.twitter.com/l770a8hT3T

— Catherynne Valente (@catvalente) July 12, 2018